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 Appcelerator Titanium Basics: Creating Apps in Classic and Alloy Code


Appelerator Titanium Basics – Create Mobile Apps Using Javascript, CSS & XML. Working with Classic and Alloy code.


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 Create Interactive Online Courses with Articulate Storyline


Become an Articulate Storyline Ninja! In this course we cover everything from A-Z within Articulate Storyline.


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 Building jQuery Mobile Apps Easily


When building web or native applications, it can be daunting trying to learn new coding languages for various platforms. Even if you are just targeting web applications, there is still a lot of CSS to get the HTML to look good on both phones and tablets. To get the effect you want you may have to spend hours learning CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The integration with jQuery Mobile has been a lifesaver for the non-techie or even the techie that wants to get the task done quickly and efficiently. jQuery Mobile is a HTML5-based user interface system designed to make responsive web sites and apps that are accessible on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.


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 Creating a Tab Interaction in Articulate Storyline


In this mini course learn how to create a simple tab interaction within Articulate Storyline. Sensei Jeff will talk to you about getting visual inspiration for your tab interaction as well as how to set up your Articulate Storyline file to be shared with other people on your team.


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