Open Source Mobile Learning Course Player in jQuery Mobile


Open Source Mobile Learning Course Player in jQuery Mobile

21:11 24 March in jQuery Mobile, Uncategorized

It has been a while since I have back in jQuery Mobile code but I have been feeling anxious to get back in and try to create something useful. As some of you may know I am a web developer currently in the eLearning realm. I find that I still get to use a lot of my web programming knowledge even if it is not specifically for just websites, but eLearning in a way is like creating a website but in course form.

So being in the eLearning realm I want to build something using my jQuery Mobile skills and decided to build jQuery Mobile course player. This would take advantage of jQuery Mobile features but allow you to bring in animations and interactions from Adobe Edge Animate.

I have been working on this player to get it initially going. Then the though occurred to me. Why not open this up on GitHub and see what the community can do to enhance what I have already going so this can be a community driven course player that is free and open source so people can use this as a way to build mobile learning courses without being restricted on an certain eLearning authoring tool and web developers can help contribute since it is all jQuery Mobile

I will be documenting it more in depth to explain what I have done so far but I will post changes to it and allow you to download and update the code. Tell me what you think and update it with your changes.

You can check out my code of what I have so far hereĀ

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Jeff Batt
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