Creating Mobile Applications Easily with DreamWeaver, jQuery Mobile and HTML5

Creating Mobile Applications Easily with DreamWeaver, jQuery Mobile and HTML5

04:39 21 June in Webinars

Today I presented at mLearnCon 2012 on jQuery Mobile. I had a great time presenting and wanted to share my files with everyone else. Here is where you can download my PowerPoint and Keynote. I also have included my reference app which I will update the link once I am done with putting it together. I also plan on doing more recordings covering every aspect of my presentation so stay tuned!

Download the session files here:

Here is my session description:

If you want to create mobile applications, working with HTML5 is inevitable. With Flash no longer universally supported among mobile devices, and HTML coding not powerful enough to provide an engaging experience, it’s no longer a question of “if” or even “when” you’ll use HTML5 coding, but “how.” DreamWeaver has integrated jQuery Mobile so effectively that it speaks to all users from novice to the more advanced.

Session participants will review the basics of jQuery Mobile and how it addresses these issues. With jQuery Mobile and DreamWeaver, developers can easily create mobile-like interfaces with simple button clicks and very little HTML tweaking. jQuery Mobile also gives you the same experience across multiple devices, so you can create a training that is consistent across many devices. You will discuss PhoneGap and how to turn your HTML5 content into native mobile applications, and you’ll learn to create mobile tables, forms, gesture events, and more with minimal development effort.

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Jeff Batt
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