3D Commercial Spot! Just bragging :)

3D Commercial Spot! Just bragging :)

05:07 13 March in 3D Work

I typically like to keep my posts as more educational posts to help you all learn as much as you can about different software but I have to take a little bit of time I have been working hard on.

One thing I love to do is take on a new project and give it my all. Preventive Pest Control’s branch in Mesa, Arizona came to me with a specific need to have a 30 second commercial produced to be shown before movies at the movie theater.

All they had was an idea for a bunch of spiders to fill the screen and really get people attention. They had someone else try to produce something for them but were ultimately unhappy with the 2D outcome they produced.

I met with them to talk about some of their ideas since they know their customers more than I do and got really what they wanted to portray. I then went to the storyboard and started drawing up some ideas. (Not my sketches are not the greatest but I had a vision of what I wanted based on what the customer had given me.) I worked with my excellent team to model the spider then to animate the spider and multiply the spider by the hundreds. Then I worked with my great audio guy to get awesome narration and ultimately music.

My team and the customer are extremely happy with the end results and wanted to share it

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Jeff Batt

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